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I truly believe that all professionals can work in sync and cross promote in order to provide optimum results for a client/patient. I view the skin as a jigsaw puzzle all conditions need to be considered : topical lotions, medication, diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, camouflaging through makeup, restoring pigment with semi permanent , stress management, the psyche implications , combined therapists and qualifications will guarantee results in the shortest space of time, tackling the problem from all angles insuring life long results.

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Your Morning

Starting Your Day the Right Way

Start Your Day the Right Way   Will consciously starting your day make a difference to your life? Does it really matter how you start your...
Vitamin D

Vitamin D and Your Skin Health

Vitamin D - What Is It Good For?   Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is much in demand by many on this island, thanks...

Should You Be Double Cleansing?

Double Cleansing   Everyone knows that cleansing is step no. 1 in any skincare regime. You should always do this AM, PM, pre-gym, post-gym... etc etc....
Natural vs Chemical

The Natural vs the Chemical

What's the Difference Between Natural & Chemical Ingredients?   Natural A product that includes ingredients from natural sources within the product listing. In my opinion, natural is a...

The Truth About Sugar and Your Skin

The Reality of Sugar   Cue my favourite song…. “Sugar sugar, oh honey honey, you are my candy girl….” If you do not know the song… are...
Forehead Botox The Skin Nerd

All About Botox

The injectable, botulinum toxin, commonly referred to as Botox, works by blocking nerve impulses, causing short-term relaxation of muscles and in turn, tautens the...

Beauty & Self Esteem – Love Who You Are

What is True Beauty Anyway? We all know the old saying that ‘beauty is only skin deep’ yet every day we are faced with a...
LED Phototherapy

LED Phototherapy: When Light Is Good For You

The effects of light on the skin have long been known; it is clear to see there is a biological interaction of skin and...

Top 10 Skin Commandments

Top 10 Skin Commandments Thou Shalt… …Have had seven hours of rested sleep to maximise the skin’s healing ability …Drink eight glasses of water to...

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