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The Skin Nerd is the brainchild of Jennifer Rock, a multi-award winning facialist and skin lecturer. Please see our ‘About’ page here for more information on this website and on Jennifer, or follow The Skin Nerd on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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We endeavor to fulfill all article requests as quickly as possible and within reason. If it is quite a specific and niche topic, we cannot guarantee the topic will be published. The suggestion box is an opportunity for us to assist our readers and to learn more about their needs. We hope the topics and articles are of interest to you.

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Jennifer is a beauty therapist by qualification. She explored many avenues through her study, including nails, beauty, makeup, lashes, brows, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and tanning, before she discovered the peels and laser treatments of the skincare analysis world. She never looked back! This area of beauty therapy and skincare is known as the “aesthetic industry”; however, in Ireland there are no courses to train in that specifically. So you have two choices: train as a nurse and work in a clinic or train as a beauty therapist and work with as many skincare brands as you can – and study anatomy and physiology as though you’re reading the glossy magazines!

Skinformation is an article written by Jennifer or a panellist. Check out all of our Skinformation Articles here.

A skingredient is comparable to a skin ingredient glossary. We will be updating it regularly to keep up to date with all new trends and ingredients brought to our attention

‘Skin Gym’ is the term Jennifer has used for 10 years when teaching her students nationally and internationally to describe a skin treatment, eg a peel, faradic treatment, microneedling, meso needling and so on. Jennifer believes that homecare products perform only 70% of the work in terms of achieving skin health and results; this she describes as ‘the skin diet’. The work of these products needs the added boost of tailor-made medical treatments that allow the use of a higher percentage of active ingredients and professional equipment, which is only available in a professional skin clinic under the watchful eye of a qualified skin therapist. These treatments are the equivalent of a workout for the skin, hence the term ‘skin gym’.

These are the cardinal skincare skins often (daily!) performed by most people! Here we explain what damage that these habits can cause and why we describe them as sins for the skin!

Check out Jennifer’s Skin Sins here 

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